Liquorice-chocolate cheesecake

First thing to say about this cake is that it’s sin on a plate. There is nothing healthy about this cake. But as it’s so rich you only need a little. That balances it right?? 😀

You know I looove liquorice.. and when I saw this recipe I had to try it. This recipe is easy and requires no baking. If you can mix, you can do this. It’ also perfect for parties as you can and should make it the day before and it will taste even better day 2 as the flavours infuse so can be made in advance. Easy to decorate and easy on the eye!



150g Oreos

40g butter


400ml double cream

150g liquorice plus some for decorating (I use Panda)

160g dark chocolate plus some for decorating

300ml double cream whipped

1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

200g cream cheese


Put your Oreos into a freezer bag and give them a good bashing to crumbs with a rolling pin or frying pan. Melt your butter and mix it with crumbled Oreos.

Line your cake tin (20cm – 24cm diameter) with greaseproof paper and pour the mixture in. Spread it evenly and press down with a back of a spoon. Put in the fridge to harden.

Bring 400ml of double cream to boil and then add 150g of liquorice. Let the liquorice soften off heat for a few minutes. Use blender to make the mixture smooth. While it’s still hot add broken up chocolate and mix until all melted.

Then let it cool down.

Whilst your liquorice-chocolate is cooling down whisk 300ml of double cream to a soft foam consistency in a separate bowl.

In a third bowl use a whisk to mix vanilla sugar (I get mine from Tiger or you could substitute with vanilla essence) with your cream cheese.

Finally mix them all together.

Pour it into the cake tin and smooth out with spatula. Put into fridge for at least 4 hours, but preferably overnight.

As this cake is mega rich I decided to cut this into small squares this time to serve in a birthday party. Now I don’t want you to worry about the “waste” pieces from the round cake tin, they found a very good home in my belly! 😀 I then decorated the pieces with a bit of broken chocolate and a liquorice piece each.

Top tip for cutting the cake – hold your knife under hot running water and cut when cake is cold and hard. It also tastes better if you take it out of the fridge some time before serving.

If you want to halve the ingredients you can do so and use 18cm diameter cake tin, though I’d add a few more Oreos. Here’s one I made earlier;

Hope you enjoy this sinful sinful cake!