Making very easy ‘no sew’ bunny ears

It’s the first Easter with our baby and I wanted to mark the occasion and make some super simple bunny ears. This is a 15 minute project and requires no skill, and the results are worth it. Sign me up for adding little ears on little ones!

Plain Easter 2019

What you need

White felt

Pink felt

Stick on velcro

Fabric glue



My downloadable free pattern

Download, print and cut out the pattern. Cut the headband from felt. I found it useful to just cut a long strip and then measure on my model afterwards.


Glue white bunny ears with fabric glue onto the headband in the middle. I left a 1-2 cm gap between the ears, but you can vary this to get a different look. Then glue pink bits for the ears. Let it dry. Don’t be tempted to use normal hobby glue on this project. The felt will just suck it all in and the bits won’t stay on..


Then take your headband and measure roughly around your baby’s/child’s head. Trim any excess on one side and stick just one side of the velcro on and go back to get more accurate measurement and stick the other side of velcro.


Ta-dah! So simple yet effective!


Few safety pointers – as this is a no sew project the headband is not suitable for wear on small babies and children. I used mine for taking Easter photos and under very close supervision. If you want something that will last the test of time and little hands then it’s best to bust out your sewing machine and sew all the bits on.

Have a Hoppy Easter everyone!