DIY budget friendly Halloween decorations

Here in UK Halloween is not that big of a holiday in the sense it is in the US, though it seems to gain popularity each year. I really want to embrace this silly event as there is really not much going on in the autumn side of the year otherwise. It’s perfect to break up the end-of-summer-but-not-yet-Christmas vibe.

I normally do some pumpkin carving, but each year I end up starting earlier and earlier in the month and by the All Hallows Eve my pumpkins were rotting and past their prime and I ended up chucking them! So this year I wanted to try non carve pumpkins and see if they would last longer. Pinterest is full of beautiful and decorative ones and I have pinned some on my board if you are looking for inspiration. In the end I chose to go with simple black and copper on my mine.


I then wanted to up the ante on decorating a little more this year, but had three distinct non negotiables.

1. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money

2. I don’t want to store anything bulky (our loft is creeking under the weight of Christmas decorations already)

3. I didn’t want anything plasticky

So here is what I came up with mostly materials I already had in the craft stash.

Paperchain garland– I used 3 sheets of black card and a bit of glue. So easy and satisfying to make!


Happy Halloween bunting – I used 4 black cards and few meters of black ribbon to make this garland. I just used a lid to make circles on the card and then just cut them out. I made two slits at the top of the circle with x-acto knife and then threaded the ribbon through. Finally I used the copper acrylic paint to paint letters spelling Happy Halloween on each of the circles.


Finally I bought a bat garland from Flying Tiger for £2.00 and hung it up from curtain rod to another. I had some left over so had spare to go on the front door too.


That’s enough for our lil’ flat. Best thing is that these items can so easily be put away for next year.

I promised these were budget friendly so check it!

3 small pumpkins from Aldi @0.69 each = £2.07

Black and copper acrylic paint from Wilkinsons @ £2.00 and £1.25

Black card £1.25

Ribbon £1.05

Bat garland from Flying Tiger £2.00

Total £9.62

I’d say that’s a trick AND a treat! 🙂

Happy Halloween!